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+ A4 Pages - 8.26” X 11.69”
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Product Creation Planner

Note - our education items are for personal use only!

Have you been staring at your computer screen, waiting for your product idea to appear out of thin air? Or, have you spent hours upon hours designing items that don't end up selling?

These are all very real things that us business owners go through when developing new products!

With this Product Creation Workbook & Planner, we'll walk you through breaking that overwhelming idea of creating a product down into smaller, more manageable steps so all that’s left is to connect the dots and create your product (that actually sells)!

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1 - Cover
2 - Copyright, Legal Notice, and Disclaimer
3 - ID Page
4 - Table of Contents
5 - Welcome Page (2 Pages)
6 - Know Your Market (3 Pages)
7 - One Problem, One Solution (2 Pages)
8 - Outlining Your Product (12 Pages)
9 - Crafting Your Sales Page (7 Pages)
10 - Product Add-Ons (3 Pages)
11 - Product Creation (5 Pages)


+ Motivational Quotes Pages
+ Informative Guide
- Printing Guide


This planner comes with multiple EXCLUSIVE freebies at absolutely no additional cost to you!

+ Editable Online Customer Survey Template
+ Printable Customer Feedback Forms

+ Size Pages - 8.5” X 11”, fits 8.5” X 11” 3-hole binders
+ A4 Pages - 8.26” X 11.69”
+ Ready to Print - Formatted to print front and back without needing to rearrange pages
+ Instant Download PDF Files, very easy and no more worries!
+ This product can be printed at home or professionally

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Truly in shock by this value. It feels like I got the worlds most useful business textbook (and that's coming from a business major). I was truly able to map out my exact vision and plan for each part of my business. 

Shocked by this value!


I love my planner!! I could never keep up with this myself it’s amazing how much there is. I was just looking for an inventory list and I found all of this!!! Thank you so much for all the tiny details!!!

I love my planner!


This packet is the best! It takes all of things you should be doing as a business owner and combines it into one great resource! Plus its beautiful and I personally love a cohesive and pleasant planner! 

Cohesive and pleasant planner!


Wow this really is comprehensive! Everything you never thought to think about and more!! This will be such a valuable resource for my shop both now and in the future. This really is a great value for what you get!!!

Such a valuable resource!

are in!

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